Date: August 11, 2016


“If you don’t put in the mechanism to monitor and evaluate, you’d be lost” – Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, Member of Parliament, Ghana


If these statements resonate with you, the Parliamentarians for Evaluation Campaign, an initiative led by the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE) is worth a follow.


Khulisa and the USAID-funded African Strategies for Health (ASH) project, in partnership with the Pan African Parliament, participated in the production of 3-minute advocacy videos to support the global campaign, which launched in May 2016.


“There is no government and no legislative body that can work without research and evaluation” – Hon. Rachel Shebesh, Member of Parliament, Kenya


The campaign promotes a culture of evaluation amongst parliamentarians and emphasises the use of evaluation for evidence-based policymaking in their home countries.


Khulisa interviewed twelve African parliamentarians during the Pan-African Parliament’s second committee sitting in Johannesburg in March. Delegates’ enthusiasm to participate demonstrate the growing evaluation consciousness that is unfolding amongst governments across continent.


The five parliamentarians featured in this series include Hon. Muntaka Mubarak (Ghana), Hon. Roger Nkodo Dang (Cameroon), Hon. Rachel Shebesh (Kenya), Hon. Shitaye Minale (Ethiopia) and Santosh Vinita Kalyan (South Africa).


Watch the four campaign videos below:

Video 1: How does evaluation influence policymaking?



Video 2: How can demand for and use of evaluation be strengthened for improved decision-making around national policies?



Video 3: As Africa adopts the Sustainable Development Goals, how can social and gender equity be incorporated into policy evaluation to ensure no one is left behind?


Video 4: What are future priorities for evaluation work in Africa?


With a focus on the Pan-African Parliament’s health committee, the videos aim to advance dialogue that supports decision-making about investments in public health. It also aims to equip parliamentarians with material to push for the significance of health evaluation within national and regional health agendas.


For more about the campaign, also visit its social media platforms:

Facebook:  Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

Twitter: @eval_gpf

Youtube: GPFE – Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation

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