Date: April 28, 2020

Decision-making is unavoidable in a time of crisis and change. But with so many uncertainties about new projects, travel arrangements or future events, to name a few, it’s also incredibly difficult.

Decision trees are useful tools to help you visualize multiple outcomes and determine a course of action.

There are a few great online tools to help:

  • Decision Explorer helps to manage the qualitative information that surrounds complex or uncertain situations, capturing and exploring thoughts and ideas in detail, and deriving new insights. It was developed by academics at the universities of Bath and Strathclyde in conjunction with major organisations using Banxia Software.
  • Creately is great for process mapping. Khulisa used some of the principles in a design evaluation for a USAID-funded reading support project. Read the news item and the report here.
  • Lucidchart’s decision-tree maker helps you create visually attractive flowcharts that’s easily customizable and can be stored online.
  • Zingtree is an interactive decision-tree templates – the platform requires paid subscription, but offers a free trial.