Date: December 14, 2021

At the end of 2021, Khulisa wanted to share some of our favorite, and used humorous Evaluation images.

This cartoon by Simon Keel is super appropriate – and reflects the constant battle we have as evaluators! Do we have the right tool?

Simon Keel Evaluation Tool Cartoon

We often use Appreciative Inquiry when conducting evaluations and this comic by J Logan explains it perfectly.

J Logan Appreciative Enquiry Cartoon

Since Khulisa often develops theories of change we love this cartoon from S Harris, so often we remind our stakeholders that they need to be explicit about the pathways to change!

S Harris Path to Change Cartoon

Frits Ahlefeldt Theory of Change Cartoon

Another great Theory of Change illustration!

This Stanford Social Innovation Center for Public Interest and Communications is a useful framework for evaluation.

Hippo Framework for Evaluation Illustration

Leaving the best for last, we love Chris Lysy Fresh Spectrums’ many comics about evaluation.

Chris Lysy “Explain this whole evaluation thing” Cartoon

Think about how you can demystify evaluation by using humor, images and cartoons.