Date: September 1, 2020

Khulisa often applies rubrics and scorecards in assessment processes. Better Evaluation defines rubrics as frameworks that “set out criteria and standards for different levels of performance and describes what performance would look like at each level”. We compiled a list of a few handy resources on rubrics:

  • The Rubric Revolution a presentation from the AES Conference in Sydney (2011) by Jane Davidson, Nan Wehipeihana and Kate McKegg, with Patricia Rogers (discussant)
  • Evaluating Rubrics a resource by DePaul University in Chicago identifies key questions you need your rubric to answer. For example: Does the rubric relate to the outcome(s) being measured? Does the top end of the rubric reflect excellence? Are the criteria and scales well-defined?
  • An ASCD resource that includes definitions and a matrix that lists the types of performances that could be assessed with rubrics
  • Rubrics in program evaluation an article by Krystin Martens published in the Evaluation Journal of Australia which providesthe first systematic study of the use of rubrics in program evaluation, presenting a picture of how program evaluation practitioners and scholars are using or discussing rubrics
  • Rubrics – as a learning and assessment tool for project planning and evaluation by Learning for Sustainability