Knowledge Management Expert& Health Management Information Systems Advisor

Liberia – Monrovia



Project objective: To improve the health systems performance and strengthen delivery of primary maternal and child health, family planning and Malaria services in public health facilities operating under the Ministry of Health in Liberia.



Knowledge Management/Strategic Information (KM/SI):

  • Assist senior management team (COP, DCOP, F&Ops, tech advisors) identify all internal and external project information needs and develop plans for meeting those needs.
  • Leads the team in design, development, collection, storage, analysis, dissemination (internal and external where appropriate), and documentation/reporting (internal and external where appropriate) of all STAIP information systems. Would include STAIP KM/SI policies, guidelines, SOPs, databases, branding and marking guides/tools/templates, etc.
  • Under the direction of [the senior management team OR Chief of Party], manages project strategic communications and assists MOH and other counterparts to improve their communications.
  • Oversees implementation of all of the above activities. Assist with delegation of responsibilities to appropriate team members; training/orienting team members; coordinating strategic communications activities; identifying STTA and LTTA needs;
  • Assist to oversee work of STTA/LTTA.
  • Ensuring that all internally-generated project data meets quality standards for accuracy, timeliness, reliability, etc., by developing and overseeing data quality assurance activities.
  • Directly supports all project reporting and documentation activities (e.g., drafting/prep of quarterly/annual reports, presentations, technical deliverables, etc.).
  • Based in Monrovia office.


Health Management Information Systems (HMIS):

  • Under Cross-Cutting IR 1, helps senior management team (COP, DCOP, and Tech advisors), MOH/CHT counterparts, and USAID/PMI to identify MOH health information system (HIS) needs and develop plans to meet those needs.
  • With and under direction from technical advisors (Malaria Advisor, Health Econ Advisor, Health Finance Advisor), develop, oversee and support implementation of, monitor, refine, and report on all HMIS activities over the life of project.
  • Work directly with counterparts on HMIS activities including: joining/participating in HMIS technical working groups at central level; collaborating with other donors/partners working on HIS/HMIS issues; working day-to-day with county-based teams  to build HMIS capacity and use among all CHTs;
  • Supporting development and implementation of all county-level data quality improvement activities.
  • Directly supports all project HMIS-related reporting and documentation activities (e.g., drafting/prep of relevant sections of quarterly/annual reports, presentations, technical deliverables, etc.).
  • Based in Monrovia office but providing continuous support to all county-based teams (i.e., will be roving to all counties for a significant portion of the time).
  • Reporting to technical advisors since health information cross-cuts all of their domains.


Interested? Meet the requirements?

Masters degree and previous USAID experience

5 to 10 years progressive experience in similar positions