When conducting evaluations, we sometimes need to collect data where there is no connectivity. Khulisa recently participated in an online discussion about offline (not internet connected) digital data collection tools.


Participants recommended the following tools:


AppSheet https://www.appsheet.com/
Harvest your Data (iSurvey/droidSurvey) https://www.harvestyourdata.com/
Kobo http://www.kobotoolbox.org/
SurveyCTO https://www.surveycto.com/index.html
TaroWorks https://taroworks.org/mobile-data-collection/
Survey Gizmo surveygizmo.com
Cosmos http://www.coffey.com/en/ingenuity-coffey/2017-cosmos-coffeys-digital-platform-for-mobile-data-monitoring-and-evaluation/
Think!Data http://www.thinkdataservices.com/
Field Task http://smap.com.au/


In 2017, Khulisa presented on how an open data kit (ODK) has been deployed in early-childhood development (ECD).


Going Digital: Using Mobile Data Collection to Monitor ECD in South Africa by Leticia Taimo from Khulisa Management Services


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