Date: May 14, 2019

Evaluations can bring together people to share ideas in a safe space that allows for diverse experiences, new insights and collective recommendations. But how can you facilitate this in an interactive way?

Khulisa loved the Interactive Game Show format that was used at the 2019 LEGO Idea Conference in Denmark. The Parent Perception Playoff invited three audience members to participate in a quiz-style gameshow. They were asked questions about the research findings of parents’ perceptions on education and play. Each contestant had to guess the answer and the closest correct answer scored a point.

This format illustrated a different way of presenting research results which allowed different learning styles and addressed audience needs. You can watch the video here or read our blog for more takeaways from the conference.

Interactive Game Show: The Parent Perception Playoff at LEGO Idea Conference 2019 from LEGO Foundation on Vimeo.