Director Learning/ Performance improvement


Khulisa provides monitoring, evaluation, research and data quality assurance services to public and private sector partners in Africa, with global reach. This opportunity will be based in Kampala. Staff will conduct field trips to support collaboration, learning and performance.


  1. Director of Learning
  2. Director of Collaboration and Outreach
  3. Director of Performance Improvement


1. Director of Learning:

S/he will provide vision and leadership to the “learning” agenda; ensure the quality, timeliness and technological sophistication of services related to improving the integrity and usefulness of monitoring and reporting systems; ensure the quality, relevance, technological sophistication and timeliness of Contractor-provided evaluations, analyses and assessments; deepen existing learning capabilities and introduce improved avenues to learning; lead contributions to efforts to deliberately draw contextual, programmatic and operational learning from its monitoring, evaluation, analytical and assessment efforts; and facilitate learning’s transformation into adapting.


Minimum qualifications include:

  • Master’s Degree in a social science
  • 8 years of direct USAID experience developing and managing monitoring systems and/or conducting social science research
  • 5 years of experience managing staff conducting monitoring and/or research efforts.
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in statistics and computational analysis.
  • 3 years’ experience living and working in developing country environments.



2. Director of Collaboration and Outreach:

Responsible for the “collaboration” result. S/he will oversee the Contractor’s events planning, facilitation, note-taking and related services; work with the Director of Performance Improvement to strengthen the collaboration and networking skills; support thought-leadership efforts by strengthening relationships with Ugandan thought leaders and influence shapers, with the Ugandan media, and with actors in regional and international development fora; ensure that grants are achieving results and adhering to best practices in transparency, accountability and grants management; and strengthen efforts to integrate innovation throughout its portfolio.


Minimum qualifications include:

  • MA in communications; or relevant field
  • 8 years of USAID direct experience of communications, partnership-building, and/or grants management.
  • 3 years of USAID experience managing communications, partnership-building, and/or grants management staff.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with setting up and managing cutting-edge communication tools, such as social media platforms, interactive websites, etc.
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in building partnerships with private sector and other donors.
  • 3 years’ experience living and working in developing country environments.
  • Quality past performance references relevant to the position;



3. Director of Performance Improvement:

Primary responsibility for delivering the:

(i) the “adapting” results

(ii) the “performing” (improving the capacity staff)


She/he will provide vision and leadership to the “adapting” and “performing” agendas; lead efforts to help strengthen internal business practices; lead Contractor efforts to train, coach and establish mentorship arrangements; and ensure complementarity between training, coaching and mentorship.


Minimum qualifications include:

  • MA in a relevant field
  • 5 years of USAID direct experience of training and improving business processes in development organizations.
  • 5 years of experience managing staff in providing services relevant to training and organizational development.
  • 3 years’ experience living and working in developing country environments, preferably East Africa.




Do you meet all of the above requirements for the position?

Do you have previous USAID experience?

This is a full time opportunity.


Email: CV must clearly highlight the above criteria for position

We will only contact shortlisted candidates

3 Responses

  1. Mthunzi Selby Mkize says:

    Good afternoon

    I’m interest in the above positions I meet most of the above mentioned requirements except for the number of years of experience with USAID.
    However I have done some collaborations in the past with them. Can I apply?

    Kind Regards,
    Mthunzi Selby Mkize

  2. Deogratius says:

    This seems like an internal advert i.e you must have worked with USAID before ( the direct USAID experience required).
    I’d love to apply but the direct USAID experience has failed me. Non the less we appreciate the opportunity much as its out of reach this time round.

  3. Tumwine irene Butera says:

    Good afternoon,
    I hope this email finds you well,
    I am very much interested in working with this reputable agency especially as a director of Performance Improvement. I have extensive experience working with International Organization’s in managing cooperative agreements and donor funded programmes.
    I also have the requisite experience for the mentioned positions, however my limitation is the experience required with USAID programmes before.
    Although I believe that given the opportunity, I would adopt to the system immediately.

    Thank you,

    Best regards,

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