Date: August 30, 2021

The fieldworkers undertook a simulation day in a few schools in the North West yesterday. Khulisa’s fieldwork training always includes a simulation: a day where the trained fieldworker goes into the real setting to practice administrating the tools.

This allows fieldworkers and trainers to:

  • Become familiar with how the instruments are administered
  • Experience real-time data collection
  • Confirm how to sample and select respondents
  • Follow protocols to create a safe and conducive environment for participants
  • Adhere to the agenda for the day
  • Test the collection of data using tablets in the field

Khulisa then uses the data to determine what areas fieldworkers need more training on. In addition, during the debrief held the following day, any administrative or timing issues can be addressed and adjusted.

It is worth the investment in time, resources, and engaging with schools to do the simulation!

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