Date: August 24, 2021

On Saturday our trainer with expertise in Setswana learner assessments tested positive for Covid. Furthermore, our co-lead facilitator has had to isolate as she was exposed to Covid.

This did not stop Khulisa from starting the training!

In rapidly changing the training structure, Khulisa learned and applied the following:

  • Use of pre-recorded sessions is vital!
  • Create intervals for question and clarification.
  • Allow for practical learning during the session to allow for role play and questionnaire. completion.
  • Do not rely only on virtual facilitation, integrate virtual and in-person facilitation.

Fortunately, our two experts are well and able to provide virtual facilitation. Khulisa really appreciates them spending their Sunday recording additional short clips and setting up a detailed facilitation guide for our co-facilitators to use on Monday. We wish them a speedy recovery!

  • Our key takeaway: Prepare for virtual facilitation due to emergencies.

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